Hi! I’m Jack, a Media and Communications student at Robert Gordon University. I am originally from Glasgow, but study in Aberdeen. 

As part of my degree, I am on a work placement at Becky White PR and so excited to learn more about the industry!  Over the next few months I'm going to be writing a weekly blog post about me and my experience.  This debut will hopefully give you a better idea of the man behind them!



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I really enjoy going on walks with my dog. I love my dog to bits and going on a nice long walk with him is something I always look forward to. Sometimes my friends join me with their dogs which makes for an interesting walk!

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I enjoy photography. A couple of years ago at Christmas, I had obviously been a good boy that year, as Santa gave me a Canon DSLR.  I had always been interested in photography but had only been able to really use my phone. Getting the DSLR definitely increased my interest and passion for photography. If i was to choose what I enjoy taking photos of the most it would have to be landscapes.

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My favorite music is House, Disco, and Techno. You’ll probably find me dancing like an idiot in a club and shazaming songs for listening to later. Learning to DJ has definitely made me love these genres of music even more.  Going on a night out with my pals is one of my all-time favorite things to do.

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My favorite ever meal would probably have to be pasta with peas, ham, and eggs by Gino-D-Acampo. Whenever I am visiting home and my mum always asks what I want, this is always my go to!

Click here to try the recipe for yourself!

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I’m a bit of a history buff. Anything-military history related I am really interested in. My favorite era is probably the Napoleonic era. How much that time period changed Europe the way it did was incredible. I love watching TV show and movies set around that time. War and Peace is a must watch!

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I was always interested in my family history so decided to do a DNA test to see where my ancestors were from. Turns out I’m 90.5% Irish, Scottish and Welsh. 2.7% Scandinavian and 6.8% Italian. Molto Bene!

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Up until the age of 15 I used to play the violin. My mum made me do it and in some ways, I wish I had stuck with it. Being able to play an instrument is something I definitely regret giving up on.